Yamna Premium Couscous – consumers


Our couscous is made of 100% Durum  wheat. The fine taste comes from careful processing which results in uniform semolina grains with the shape of  diamonds.   Yamna couscous is homogeneous after precooking. After preparation the couscous is fine structure with excellent taste and  mouth sensation. 

Couscous can be used in all kind of dishes. Most used is the moyen variety obtainable in natural and whole wheat. Unique are our flavored varieties Yamna couscous ( tomato, spinach, Mediterranean and tricolore) for more color and taste to the dishes. Pearl couscous, also known as Israeli couscous, gives more bite and structure to the dishes.

On this video you can see how the couscous is made:

Professional assortment

Yamna couscous naturel – 1kg
Yamna cousous tricolore – 1 kg
Yamna couscous Mediterranean – 1kg
Yamna couscous Tomato – 1 kg
Yamna couscous whole wheat – 1 kg
Yamna pearl couscous – 1 kg
Yamna couscous Spinach – 1 kg

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