What is a Tajine

What is a Tajine?

A Tajine is an earthenware stew pot. The dishes prepared in this pot carry their names according to the specific Tajine. In Morocco and the rest of North Africa the Tajine is very popular. Nowadays you can buy them also in Holland and Belgium.

A Tajine is composed of a scale on which the food is served and a high cone-shaped cover. During cooking the moisture hits the cover after which it flows back to the scale. The mechanism of the Tajine looks like that of a casserole.
If you use the Tajine relatively small amounts of oil and fats are needed.

Most of the Tajines are glazed, but they can also be unglazed.In order to prevent bursting the Tajine has to be put in water for at least 24 hours when used for the first time. Dry it careful and smear the inner side with oil. If gas is used as a heating source also use a simmer plate. The Tajine can also be placed into the oven. Some Tajines are painted for decoration.In the Tajine you can prepare dishes with vegetables, fish, chicken or meat.