Rabda Moroccan olives


Moroccan olives are special of taste. Some of them are very suitable  as a tastemaker in the Tajine. The dishes get the typical taste of sun ripened olives. Marinating the olives makes them piquant like in ‘‘Harissa’ .

In our assortment Rabda olives we have 4 varieties, the ones pitted  are the tastemakers in the Tajine. Marinated olives pitted are lovely as a snack.

Olives Barbeque with stone (green and violet olives)
Very suitable as an aperitif or as a lunch. Often used as garniture to meat in the Tajine. The combination is very tasteful.

Olives Piquant with stone
Very suitable as aperitif to fish and meat dishes. Most often with lunch. In the North of Morocco mostly combined with fish because of the piquant taste.

Olives black pickled in salt (Olives Facon Grécque)
Indispensable to a Moroccan breakfast (Ftur) or at 4 o’clock in the afternoon (Merinda).My mother Yamna learned me to lay the pickled olives in olive oil. The salt taste is softened in this way. The combination of black olives, olive oil, mint tea, Moroccan whole wheat bread, white cheese and honey is the basis for a traditional breakfast.

On a wooden table these black olives are second to none for the 4 o’clock meal.


Professional assortment
Rabda Moroccan olives

Olives Barbeque with stone – 850 gr
Mixed Violet with stone – 850 gr
Olives Piquant with stone – 850 gr
Olives Black with stone – 850 gr

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lunchtime-iconLunch favorite

The following lunch is very popular in Tanger (North Morocco): A range of various fish species grilled and fried with Charmoula (tomato, garlic, coriander, paprika powder, cumin, olive oil and pepper), grilled green Spanish paprika, oven baked aubergines and handmade French fries. Served with piquant olives and cucumber salad a la Marocaine.