Aziz Ouchan

Aziz Ouchan

The personal inspiratory of Aziz Ouchan, owner of Ouchan International is his mother Yamna. She is 85 years old and born in the small village Rabda in the Reef Mountains in North Morocco. Her knowledge of the Moroccan cuisine inspired him in his culinary ambition: To let Europe and the rest of the World get familiar with the richness of the Moroccan and North African kitchen.

Yamna Cuisine :  a Moroccan promise!

Rabda is a village in the North of Morocco near the Mediterranean Sea. The mountains, the blue sky, the sun and the forest all contribute to the history and identity of this village.

Yamna El Oufrassi, mother of Aziz Ouchan was born there 85 years ago. She rolled by hand the famous couscous, selected by hand the pulses, spent a lot of time in the kitchen to make the delicacies of the region. She became famous in her region because of her rich, colorful  and healthy kitchen. Not at least by her extraordinary stews all rich of taste, color en aromatic fragrances. All cooked with passion, creativity, patience and an eye for detail and presentation

Each family has her own recipes, giving through by mother to daughter. Aziz Ouchan received the recipes from his mother. Her approval for all our products is marked by her fingerprint on all our packaging.

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