Making a day tour through Morocco.




The Moroccan breakfast is extensive, there are various kinds of bread like white, whole wheat and brioche.Most families prepare their own bread and bring it to the common oven of the village. The bread is smeared with dairy butter and covered with honey, jam or salami. They also eat thin pancakes (Pagrir) covered with butter, sugar and honey. Side dishes at breakfast are hard cooked eggs, black olives, peeled tomatoes and goat cheese.


The lunch mostly consists of a spicy stew with lambs meat, fish or chicken. It is served with salad, couscous and bread.

A traditional combination: couscous and Tajine

Tajini, tajine


A Tajine (Arab : طاجين) is a earthenware dish, very often it gives her name to the meals which are prepared with it. Specially in Morocco the Tajine is very popular.

A Tajine is composed of a scale on which the food is served and a high cone-shaped cover. During cooking the moisture hits the cover after which it flows back to the scale. The mechanism of the Tajine looks like that of a casserole.


The evening meal mostly starts with a salad of for instance aubergines and tomatoes. Same as with the lunch the dishes are served warm, most of the time a nice stew of the things left over at lunch.
The dinner also consist pasta, couscous and millet. Potatoes in Morocco are seen as vegetables.


The dessert consist of fruit or a delicious sweet dish ( sweet cakes,  fruit biscuits r a chocolate cake with dates).

In between:

Aperitif: Mezze

Mezze (Persian – Maza – taste or sauce is the name for very small dishes out of the Mediterranean kitchen. Just like the Spanish tapas or the Italian anti pasta it is a small light dish for aperitif or just a small consumption during the day.

Mezze can be a small plate with olives, salted almonds, anchovy and feta cheese but can also be extended to a larger dish with a meal or salad for instance for a party.

Enkele klassiekers zijn dolmades, falafel, hummus, taboulé.

Mint Thea


Mint Tea is a drink which is very commonly used in Morocco. The tea is made of green tea with mint- leaves and sugar.The tea is poured gently  in very small traditional glasses. This ritual is necessary to get a layer of foam on it. Nuts and cookies are   served together with the mint tea.

Moroccan patisserie

Moroccan cookies, cake and Chebakia, jelabi and tulumba.





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