The personal inspiratory of Aziz Ouchan, owner of Ouchan International is his mother Yamna. She is 85 years old and born in the small village Rabda in the Reef Mountains in North Morocco. Her knowledge of the Moroccan cuisine inspired him in his culinary ambition: To let Europe and the rest of the World get familiar with the richness of the Moroccan and North African kitchen. Read more >


Our couscous is made of 100% Canadian Durum Wheat. The fine taste comes from careful processing which results in uniform semolina grains with the shape of  diamonds. Read more >


Discover the eating culture of Morocco by making a day tour through Morocco.

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The Moroccan kitchen is known because of her stews (Tajine): healthy and rich of taste, color and aromatic fragrances. Prepare the finest, authentic Tajine dish in a fast and easy way. Read more >


Discover the rich taste of the Moroccan kitchen and prepare the finest authentic dishes with couscous.. Read more >


Pulses are very important in the eating culture of Morocco; the preparation is regionally different but the same in the basis. In Morocco pulses are named food for the farmers. Read more >


A Tajine is a earthenware stew pot. The dishes prepared in this pot have their names of this Tajine. Read more >


Every day we have the challenge to prepare a quick and healthy meal. With Zinda couscous this is very easy. Read more >


Vegetables, Olives, Argan Oil and aromatic fragrances ate taste makers of the Moroccan kitchen.

A dish in a Tajine contains at least 70% vegetables. Read More >


Moroccan olives have a very special taste. Some of them are very suitable for the Tajine. Read more >


Preserved lemons are used as a garniture to a Tajine with chicken. These are boiled in water to remove the bitter taste.  Read more >